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Facade Grant Awarded to Glenn Building

Invest Atlanta will award nearly $2 million dollars to 20 grant recipients whose proposals have been accepted as part of the Downtown Façade Improvement Program. The process, launched earlier this year, called for applicants located within the Westside and Eastside Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) to submit projects for consideration that had the potential to visually enhance the Atlanta Streetcar corridor. Among those recipients is the Glenn Building at 110-120 Marietta Street (owned by Legacy Property Group), which are historic buildings protected by preservation easements held by Easements Atlanta, Inc.

Awards range from $20,000 to $400,000 and individual projects will be launched pending final negotiations and review of the proposed enhancements. The planned enhancements will touch commercial, retail and live/work developments and will leverage the private investments of the property owners to fund the projects. Grant applicants were required to commit to funding at least one-third of the total project cost for consideration to receive the grant. The facade improvements at the Glenn Building are expected to cost $50,000, wherein the grant will cover up to $33,000.

Easements Atlanta, Inc., is pleased to see this incentive reintroduced after many years of absence, and that the facade improvements are helping to sensitively enhance many historic buildings in the downtown Atlanta area.  A full list of awardees can be viewed at Invest Atlanta’s site.

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