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Who tom holland dating

Who is Tom Holland?

Tom Holland is a British actor who rose to fame after playing the role of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was born on June 1, 1996, in Kingston upon Thames, London, England. Holland started acting at a young age and made his debut in the West End production of Billy Elliot the Musical. He has since appeared in several films, including The Impossible, In the Heart of the Sea, and The Lost City of Z.

Tom Holland's Relationship Status

Tom Holland has been linked to several women over the years, but he is currently single. The actor has been very private about his personal life and has not confirmed any romantic relationships. However, that doesn't stop fans from speculating about his love life.


One of the most popular rumors about Tom Holland's love life is his relationship with his Spider-Man co-star Zendaya. The two have been linked since they first appeared on screen together in Spider-Man: Homecoming. They have also shared several cute moments together on social media, which has only fueled the rumors.

However, both Tom Holland and Zendaya have denied the rumors and insisted that they are just good friends. In an interview with Elle, Zendaya said, "We are friends. Hes a great dude. Hes literally one of my best friends. This past how many months weve had to do press tours together. Theres very few people that will understand what thats like at 20 years old."

Olivia Bolton

Tom Holland was briefly linked to Olivia Bolton in 2019. The two were spotted on a date at the British Summer Time Hyde Park festival in London. Bolton is a family friend of Holland's and works as a digital production intern at a digital effects company.

Their relationship was short-lived as they reportedly broke up after just a few months of dating. A source told The Sun, "Tom and Olivia remain very close but decided recently it was best for them to be just friends rather than a couple."

Nadia Parkes

Tom Holland was rumored to be dating Nadia Parkes in 2020. Parkes is also an actress and has appeared in several TV shows, including Doctor Who and The Spanish Princess.

The two were first linked when they were spotted on a date in May 2020. They were seen walking arm-in-arm and appeared to be enjoying each other's company. However, they have not been seen together since then, and neither Holland nor Parkes has confirmed the relationship.

Who Tom Holland Dating

Tom Holland's love life may be a mystery, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating about who he might be dating. While he has been linked to several women over the years, he is currently single and focusing on his career. Regardless of his relationship status, Tom Holland has proven himself to be one of Hollywood's most talented and promising young actors.

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